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We manufacture for the automation and security sectors.

Radars, volumetric microwave motion sensors for control or anti-intrusion systems.

Since 1974, Guglielmi designs and produces electronic devices for the automatic and security sectors, originally with sensors and ultrasounds, and recently with microwave sensors.

Continuous research, technological evolution of the products and the testing of electronic components and of every finished product are the elements that guarantee a highly reliability.

“We want to express all of our experience, ability, resources and availability to be the best and make progress together with our respected clients, our point of reference and our vital energy”

“Our objective is to work, produce and sell our products in a loyal way, in light of absolute commercial ethics and without damaging anyone, succeeding in communicating and expressing all of the quality and excellence of our company. This vision is that of our founder, Guglielmo Guglielmi, the vision that helps us distinguish ourselves in the market."


Since 1974 we design with care every single product we have available, following the evolution of the adopted technologies, perfecting and developing our products in order improve continuously.
Every process linked to design is developed and followed scrupulously and with competence within the company, in order to guarantee products that are both functional and easy to use.


Eletronic production
In the past few years we have been investing in equipment and machinery to automate the production of electronic cards in SMT technology in order to maintain the highest competitiveness.

Our productive organization is flexible and controlled, and is considered our strong point for efficiency and rigorously “Made in Italy” quality.

Final assembly
To choose our company and our products means to insure guaranteed and continuous quality. Each product is assembled exclusively within the company by competent and consolidated personnel. Each product is verified, tested and packed with care. Each order is shipped on time.
Upon request and for specific needs, the products can be custom made for design and personalization of the packaging and the instructions.

“We consider quality to be a distinctive factor, a specific and essential competency for our company. ”


Certification CSQ-ISO

Declarations of Conformity

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