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Volumetric sensor for dynamic SRK-in activations

Touchless opening or activation detector for applications requiring contactless remote activation. Ideal for hospitals, public toilets, workplaces, workshops, hotels, industry. Wherever hygiene is essential or there is a need to reduce contact.


  • open civil and industrial doors/gates automatically
  • call the lift
  • activate escalators
  • flush toilets
  • switch on lights
  • facilitate entry/exit/access for persons with reduced mobility

SRK-in Sensor:

  • hygienic
  • secure
  • compact
  • sleek design
  • quick and easy to install
  • long-lasting

Maximum installation integration and speed
SRK-in integrates seamlessly and quickly into an existing standard three-position connector block widely used for switches. This makes it ideal for rapid retrofits in both civil and industrial environments, with no building modifications, making home or work automation even simpler. 

The range for contactless activation is adjustable up to 1.5 metres.



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