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Industrial doors and gates

Microwave detectors for industrial doors and gates

Radars, motion sensors for the automatic opening of industrial gates, rapid roll-up or flexible doors.

This line of definite industrial closures offers multiple solutions based on the various logistic, operative, practical or security needs:

  • Sectional doors, composed by steel-connected doors, with vertical opening, guarantee an efficient thermal division between indoors and outdoors
  • Quick opening doors, composed by anti-rip tarps usually in polyester, either by quick vertical folding or by rolling
  • Sliding doors with and without guides, with horizontal opening
  • Hinged doors, with horizontal opening
  • PVC band doors with side opening, used to close large opening but with frequent vehicle traffic in an economic way
  • Swing doors with flexible door  

Many producers use the radar movement detectors to command and to control the automation of these industrial doors, as it can detect movements and react quickly in order to command the opening and to control the passage.

The radar that we produce can be installed up to 6 meters of height and guarantee range up to 30 square meters, operating in the presence of movement of both people and motor vehicles.

The design guarantees protection even in outdoor or dusty environments.

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