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Anti-intrusion systems

Microwave detectors for anti-intrusion systems

Sensors for volumetric protection and control of alarm system areas.

Anti-intrusion systems use various types of sensors for the protection and control of an area:

  • Infrared
  • Volumetric
  • Perimeter

Our product offer is volumetric microwave detectors that are able to control the movement of people within the area cover by its range without false alarms due to thermal variations or drafts.

The action of the radar detector (who principle functionality is based on Doppler Effect) works in the presence of doors, windows, walls or areas close to its range, an aspect which should be considered when the installation area is being decided.

SICURO 10 (see ››), due to its particular sensibility and for the protection from tampering and concealment, it is an ideal product for the use in anti-intrusion systems also because it has a volumetric protection up to 100 square meters.  

The electronic card is managed by a microprocessor and by an antenna module in planar technology.
The two trimmers allow:
- the regulation of the range
- the sensibility of movement

With a dip-switch selection it is possible to set the following functions:
- type of memory alarm  setting
- block of the emission of the transmitter
- auto-exclusion of the detector