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Access control

Control device kit for access control

Independent system for the remote control of automations, anti-theft alarm control units, security systems and controlled accesses.

Access control, management of pedestrian movement or vehicle activation are typical aspects that involve both the industry and the private sector, as they both have the aim to control the accesses by recognizing people (personalization of the personnel codes).

The market offers access control systems that can be divided mainly into:

  • Autonomous simple systems (Stand Alone), with keypad, nearby, biometric
  • Simple systems composed by a reader and an autonomous station which allows configurations and operative management
  • Evolved systems, where the reader and the station are managed by a PC

The ready-to-install kit ATTIVA (see ››) is configured as an autonomous simple system but it is extremely practical and functional both for the installation as well as for the management.

It implements the following functions:
- programming of the key recognition code (16.000.000 combinations)
- duplication of the key in use
- copy of the recognition code present in the command unit
- programming of the keys simplified through dip-switches
- programming of the functionality key method (function) 

The key reader is a container in ABS which can be built in with the majority of the electrical adaptors on the market.

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