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Components of the ATTIVA SAP 164 system

Management station SAP164

Command units:

  • 2 relays for command zone
  • 1 relay for the momentary deactivation of the commanded device
  • Simplified programming by dip-switches
  • Led signal for invalid key
  • Function for the duplication of the key in use

It is possible to connect to the station a 2-channel schedule programmer to command the relay outputs which correspond to the two areas..

Programmable electronic key CP91N

It is constructed by a protected electronic circuit inserted into a body in ABS.  The key, without contact and therefore immune to false electric contact, commands the command unit SAP164 through the LC91N reader.

  • No battery
  • Unlimited key life
  • Illuminated LED of signals/transmission of the code path
  • 16.000.000 possible combinations (inimitable)

Reader for LC 91N keys

It is made up by an electronic circuit inserted into a body in ABS adapted for an external or encased installation.

  • color: grey, anthracite; white
  • Encasement compatible with market supplies (BTicino, Vimar, etc.)
  • 2 LED for state signal

PR 91Programmer

Allows for a quicker programming of the system:

  • Programming of the keys (function method and personalized codes)
  • Transfer of recognition code to the management station  SAP 164
  • Assignment of priority level (low; high)
  • Configuration of the command unit SAP 164 in systems with the use of the key passe-partout and in connected systems with a schedule programmer with 2 channels



Useable for the installation of the reader of the LC 91N key with standard encasement