Linear automatic sliding doors

Automatic doors, or more generally automatic closures, must follow precise regulations in order to guarantee the security of people:

  • Machine directives
  • Low tension directives
  • Electromagnetic compatibility

Additionally, the control accessories such as the volumetric radar or infrared, are inserted in the list of regulations in that they are command devices for opening and closing, and therefore they must always function perfectly and in every condition. Automatic doors and entrances must follow the regulations particularly being that the traffic of people is particularly intense: airports, stores, hotels, pharmacies, shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, hospitals, residential buildings, etc.   


A reliable command device is therefore essential for the automation of an entrance.   


The product line of Guglielmi devices, either microwave or infrared, are universal and they safely command automatic doors because they follow the requirements imposed by international regulations. They are therefore adaptable to every type of use.  


The Guglielmi command devices for sliding, linear or telescopic automatic doors are comprised of:

- Microwave detectors/sensors of one-way or two-way movement

- Infrared detectors/sensors of movement with double detection

- Presence detectors/sensors (people or objects)

- Infrared barriers (I.R.)

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