ATTIVA SAP 164 system KIT


System for commanding at a distance automations, electrical and electronic devices, anti-theft stations, security and access systems, through a codified electronic key.

Through the use of a dip-switches selector, present on the command unit, it is possible to execute the following operations:

  • Programming of the key recognition code
  • The complete duplication of the key
  • The copy of the recognition code present in the command unit’s memory
  • Programming of the functioning method of the key (function).

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ATTIVA SAP 164 system KIT

Components of the ATTIVA SAP 164 system »

SAP 164



  • Programmable induction key (16 million combinations)
  • 2 programmable relay outputs
  • Relay output for deactivation of commanded device
  • Assignment of priority level: high/low
  • Interface with a schedule programmer with 2 channels
  • Adaptors available for plates of every brand

Power supply

10,5 - 14 VDC

Current load 30 mA min - 75 mA max

Schedule programmer

Input Relay contact V, R, T
Relay contact  V, R and T 1 A @ 24 V AC-DC
Signals Valid key
Invalid key
Active relay output V
Active relay output R
Guarantee  24 months


Sistema per comando automazioni - SISTEMA ATTIVA